The following are events that either are framed at the intersection of NVC and critical awareness of power and privilege, or include voices that represent that intersection.

Facing Privilege Conference Calls – Ongoing

Miki Kashtan, who created the original content on this website, offers Facing Privilege conference calls twice monthly. These calls are an opportunity for people to engage with themselves and with others on the deep questions that arise as we reflect on the question of privilege. Calls are recorded and available to others to listen to who may not have participated on the calls. The purpose: to accelerate the speed with which many more people become familiar with the topic and ready to take action.

If you have not done significant work on the topic of privilege, you might find an introduction here.

White Privilege Conference – April 4-7, 2018

What is the White Privilege Conference (WPC)?

WPC examines the challenging concepts of privilege and oppression, and offers solutions and team building strategies to work toward a more equitable world. The conference invites diverse perspectives, providing a comprehensive look at issues of privilege, including: race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, etc. The conference is unique in its ability to bring together the diverse perspectives of high school and college students, teachers, university faculty and higher education professionals, nonprofit staff, activists, social workers and counselors, healthcare workers, parents, and members of the spiritual community and corporate arena. Individuals with varying levels of experience addressing issues of diversity, cultural competency, and multiculturalism are welcome. Annual attendance exceeds 1,500 people, from the United States and abroad. In 2018, the event is in Grand Rapids, Michegan, North America.

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Within this conference in 2017, Miki Kashtan and Victor Lewis presented:

How to Mobilize Your Privilege for the Benefit of All: From Shame to Vision and Action

Social justice work struggles with the enormous difficulty of creating productive conversations about privilege. This workshop presents a simple conceptual framework for distinguishing between privilege as a structural system that confers unchosen benefits on some at the expense of others and attitude, an individual attribute. The premise is that while privilege is not chosen (for the most part we are born into it), we all have ample choice about how we engage with it. In this workshop, participants can learn about how to shift from negative to positive ways of engaging with privilege. Through interactive practices, participants move towards owning privilege instead of denying it; learning about the history and structural mechanisms of privilege as a way to transcend guilt and shame; opening to and inviting feedback from those who don’t have the privilege instead of defensiveness about it; and, ultimately, making new choices about stewarding privilege for the benefit of all instead of conscious or unconscious entitlement to personal enjoyment of the benefits of the privilege.

As part of this workshop, participants can develop a vision for a world beyond privilege, and then examine current choices about use of resources / privilege and identify new options that more align with their vision. The fundamental intention is for participants to feel the different aspects of how they currently engage with privilege and how they want to engage in the future, and then choose, based on that difference, actions and conversations that take on the structural reality of their lives.

Removing Our Blinders: Seeing the Impact of Power and Privilege

with Shakti Butler, Miki Kashtan, Roxy Manning, Dian Killian, Jeyanthy Siva, Kristin Masters, and Mary Mackenzie

The ramifications of privilege have become impossible to ignore. It’s time to remove our blinders so we can understand how we’re unwittingly complicit in it. This conference is put together by the NVC Academy, and is designed to transform us and our communities by accepting, learning, and stepping up in ways that will empower all. It’s time to stand up and acknowledge the impact and power privilege has, and to discover ways to decrease the divide between ourselves and others. Please join us June 9-11 for this powerful video conference. Click here for details and registration.

International Intensive Training in NVC with a Focus on Power and Privilege – December 1-10, 2017

This event is a 9-day residential training designed as an “immersion experience” in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for people at all levels of NVC understanding led by a team of experienced CNVC trainers. Click here for more information and to register.


Northern California


To bring together the values and worldview of NVC and the social analysis of theories and practices of social justices so that NVC can continue to unfold in a way that is attentive to the realities that we face in the world and has the capacity to be meaningful to people who are of a different location in the world than most NVCers have been.


To support the movement towards this vision by engaging with the existing IIT curriculum through the following lenses:

  1. How would adding the dimension of power change how we teach each piece of the curriculum?
  2. What would bring to life the scant notes that Marshall Rosenberg left about his approach to social change and systems analysis and integrate them with our current practice and understanding?
  3. Which aspects of attention to our body are crucial to unpacking Marshall Rosenberg’s references to the role of body in NVC which remained implicit and indirect in his writings? In particular, how can NVC teaching integrate an understanding of trauma, and especially the effects of power differences on the body?
  4. What might change if we begin to bring an awareness of power differences to the very structures of power within the NVC world?